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Available Hedgehogs


A Little information on our Hedgehog Adoptions
Policies, how the adoption works, and so forth.

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Hey! What's involved?

Hedgehog Adoption

Hedgehogs are available for adoption, as soon as they are 7 weeks old, but in some cases we may wait until they are older for any number of reasons. Baby hedgehogs will NOT be shipped untill they are at least 8 weeks old, and weigh 140 grams or more. We are currently not shipping hedgehogs out of state, unless going to a bona-fide hedgehog breeder. In order to adopt a hedgehog from us, we require an application to be filled out, submitted and approved, BEFORE you are able to choose from any of the available hedgehogs. There is a $5.00 "application fee" for this. The $5.00 per application helps us to maintain our website and is applied to the adoption cost. It is non-refundable should you decide not to adopt a hedgehog from us. You will receive an active application number via email in response to your application. Your application will remain valid for a period of 1 year.


There are several reasons for this. First, I work a full time job during the week, in addition to raising our hedgehogs. Second, I do check your vet or animal hospital to verify that they are able to care for hedgehogs. Just because they care for your dog or cat, or say they are an exotic veterinarian, DOES NOT MEAN that they can care for a hedgehog. Please double check with the vet or animal hospital you are putting on your aplication, if they do not care for hedgehogs, your application will be in a "Pending Status", and delayed until a suitable vet or animal hospital can be located in your area. Third, there may be questions that I have based on the information listed on your application, this will be handled via email most often, on a case by case basis. During the weekdays, my time to spend on emails and applications is very limited. My focus when I am not at my "other" full time job, is primarily on the health and well being of our hedgehogs. Since the number of animals in our herd is rather large from time to time, this consumes a great deal of my time. Our hedgies still have their routine vet visits, and emergencies that pop up, that need to be attended to. There are cages, wheels, and food/water bowls to be cleaned on a daily basis. The time available to answer questions, read email, and go over applications generally happens late in the evening on weekdays, or more often on weekends.

Typically, litters are made available for deposits around the 5th - 7th week of age, photos can be seen by using the "Available Hedgeghogs" button above. Again, the time required to photograph the baby hedgehogs is limited to my availability, and also the hedgies cooperation. Anyone with an active application on file, may qualify to be on the waiting list. A non-refundable $50.00 deposit is required to "hold" your spot on the list.This deposit IS applied to the cost of the adoption. Typical price for this group of litters is $275 for a baby hedgehog. Depending on age and other factors of the hedgehog being adopted, the price may vary for "older" hedgehogs. At this time, the "older" hedgehogs for sale (adoption) average between 2 and 3.5 years of age. If you DO NOT have an application on file, you will NOT be able to place a deposit on any of the available hedgehogs, or to be placed onto the waiting list.

Hedgehog adoption costs may or may not vary with each hedgehog. Adoption includes a 12oz. bag of food. Please be prepared to show that you have a complete habitat ready for your hedgie. If you plan on getting one from us, it will have to be ordered, and paid for, a minimum of 1 week in advance of the date you have scheduled to pick up your hedgehog. Please note that at this time, many small animal supplies including cages, wheels, igloos and other items have been mostly "out of stock" or "backordered" from our vendors. I am looking into alternate sources so that we can provide the proper habitat for your hedgehog.

Our basic hedgehog habitat starts at $125.00, which meets minimum size standards. It includes the cage, wheel, igloo, bedding (Aspen), and food/water crocks. If you are planning to get your habitat from us, please ask about availability. Most of the habitats we offer are complete.   If you plan to use your own habitat, it must meet minimum standards. To meet with our approval it will need at least 3-1/2 sq.ft. of "floor" space ( a solid floor is a must), and be well ventilated (Aquariums are NOT recommended). It must have a hedgehog safe exercise wheel, a "hiding" place, like an igloo, or some other type of safe "hide", and a safe food and water dish (we use both water bowls and water bottles, but prefer a water dish or bowl over a water bottle for added safety, as some water bottles have been known to cause injury to hedgehogs). Bedding for your hedgehog should be Shredded Aspen, Natural Paper bedding, or Fleece linings. NEVER use Pine Bedding, or Cedar as this can result in upper respiratory illnesses in small animals. Materials other than fleece used as a lining, or for a cuddle sack need to be completely free of threads, or fraying, so that the hedgehog's limbs and feet do not become entangled, cutting off circulation.

Having the right habitat is essential for a hedgehog to leave our care. In colder climates and colder months, your hedgehog will usually require a heating system, you may purchase one from us, providing we have one available. Knowing that your hedgie will be equipped with a more than adequate, safe, healthy environment in which to live is very important to us.

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