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FAS Hedgie Haven - by Feathers and Spikes
Ok, it's hedgehog boarding, but we prefer to think of it as a "hotel for hedgies"

hedgehog group photo
Looking for a place for your hedgehog to call a "home away from home?"

Welcome to FAS Hedgie Haven - Hotel / Spa!

Looking for a place for your hedgehog to call a "home away from home?" We can care for your hedgie while you're away. If you just need a "hedgie hotel" for a day, a weekend, even as long as a month. You never know when you may have to go, and your hedgehog may not be able to join you. Feathers and Spikes' Hedgie Haven - Hotel / Spa is just what your special little spiked friend had in mind. Let us keep an eye on your hedgie, while you're away, and you can have peace of mind knowing he/she, will be in good hands here at FAS Hedgie Haven.

Hedgie Hotel Per Day Stay = $15 (FAS Hedgies $12)
(including weekends)

Hedgie Hotel 1 Week Stay = $75 (FAS Hedgies $65)

Hedgie Hotel 1 Month Stay = $250 (FAS Hedgies $225)

Revolution = $10
(Hedgie should have a treatment about every 4 to 6 months on average.

Pedicure = $10.00
(Feet and nails must be clean, or you will be charged for a Mini Spa to clean them!)

Mini Spa = $15.00
(Shower bath, feet soak & pedicure)

Full Spa = $25.00
(Shower bath, feet soak, Oatmeal "bath bomb", pedicure, Spine 'n' Shine)
$15.00 if combined with any Hedgie Haven Stay, FREE on any stay of 2 weeks or longer!)
(You must be able to schedule a drop off and pick up time for your hedgie if not boarding)

All stays and spas must be paid in advance, If the stay needs to be extended, that's ok.
Balance of an extended stay can be due when your hedgie is picked up, and based on our standard pricing guide.

At Hedgie Haven - Hotel / Spa, we ensure that your treasured pet will receive proper nutrition, lots of love and play time, and monitoring of medications or other special needs in a bright, safe, clean environment. NEW! You do not need to bring your own habitat, we will provide a habitat, exercise wheel, food/water dish, and food. (We use Spike's Delite hedgehog food. If your hedgie is on a different diet, we suggest bringing enough food for their stay.) Think of us as a four-star pet hotel. Your Hedgie will receive the best of care and attention, please let us know of any special needs your hedgehog may have, or any special dietary requirements/restrictions. We would like to have 24 hours notice, to get their "room" ready, but it is not necessary. In case of an emergency situation, you can call ahead anytime, 24/7. But please, only for an actual emergency need.


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