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Our Mission is Simple...
To provide healthy, happy, quality Hedgehogs for adoption.

Providing healthy, happy animals as pets - All of our hedgehogs, are first and foremost, part of our own family. We believe in good nutrition, and the best in product safety for all of our animals.

Info and Knowledge...
We don't claim to know it all.

We certainly do not have all of the answers, nor do we claim to know all there is about what we do. However, we have had great mentors, and other resources that are well researched.

Hedgie Food

If you need food for your hedgie, you can pick it up here, $25.00 for a 2 pound bag, Save $5 when you buy 2!
Please make an appointment to pick up here, or order directly from Pet Pro's website by clicking or tapping below.
Receive a 10% DISCOUNT From Pet-Pro by using "Feathers and Spikes" as a referral on the Pet-Pro Hedgehog Food page. Remember! You MUST use FEATHERS AND SPIKES in the "Referred by box" or in the comments section of your order to receive the 10% DISCOUNT!

Recent Happenings

We will have about 45 babies available in April!
We had 23 female hedgehogs that were due to have baby hoglets, and about 2/3 had babies. My goal is to be able to have hedgehog babies available year round, as much as is possible, keeping in mind that my 1st concern is the health and well being of our hedgehogs.
We have received a lot of applications, and will be starting a waiting list based on when your application was received, and going back 18 months only!. If you have already submitted an application, AND are subscribed to our Hedgehog Newzletter, then you will be receiving an email with instructions on how to get onto the waiting list for these babies. There are only 45 spots available.

Operating Hours

We are open by appointment only!
Please keep this in mind, we operate from our home, and have a regular job most of the time in addition to our hedgehog breeding/sales operations. Our availability for appointments varies from week to week, and from day to day in some instances. At the moment I have a very open schedule, but best opportunities for appointments are on the weekends. Please use the Appointments menu above to schedule, or call ahead for a same day appointment at 702-472-2146 if available, and remember to be as flexible as possible, as my own schedule can change at a moments notice. Thank you!