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Available Hedgehogs

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Our Mission is Simple...
To provide healthy, happy, quality Hedgehogs for adoption.

Providing healthy, happy animals as pets - All of our hedgehogs, are first and foremost, part of our own family. We believe in good nutrition, and the best in product safety for all of our animals.

Info and Knowledge...
We don't claim to know it all, however...

We certainly do not have all of the answers, nor do we claim to know all there is about what we do. However, we have great mentors, and other resources that are well researched.

Website Changes
And Updates

2016.11.17   We Hear You
In an effort to simplify our website a bit, we recently experimented with some "flash" pages. Although they worked very well and were eye catching, not everyone was able to see all of the features depending on what browser was being used. It was also not very "smart phone friendly". Those pages are now gone, replaced with very simple straight forward (boring) pages. I will always do my best to keep the pages up, active, and easy to navigate. Our Available Hedgehogs page, remains unchanged from it's original format. Blessings, James...

Shopping Newz

You can access our shopping cart here, or by using the "Shopping" Menu above.

If you need food for your hedgie, please order directly from Pet Pro's website below, as we will no longer be carrying it through our shopping cart. It is too difficult to keep in stock, it is better, eaiser, and quicker for you to simply have it shipped to you straight from the manufacturer. Click anywhere below.
You still receive your 10% DISCOUNT by using "Feathers and Spikes" as a referral on the Pet-Pro Hedgehog Food page. Order directly from Pet-Pro, the manufacturer, and recieve a 10% DISCOUNT plus free shipping on items less than 10 pounds! Remember! You MUST use FEATHERS AND SPIKES in the "Referred by:" box to receive the 10% DISCOUNT!
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(Above is a sample photo of the "Referred By" box - Clicking anywhere in the above space will take you to the Pet-Pro Home Page)

Hedgehog Updates

Recent litters

Born 2016.11.15 - Coco x Felix
2 babies, 2 females
One will be retained, the other will be made available for adoption.

Born 2016.11.16 - Teasel x Stormageddon Spike
4 babies, 3 males, 1 female
As it stands right now, all 4 babies will be available for adoption.

Born 2016.12.11 - Pleiades x Orion
6 babies
One baby from this litter will be retained as a breeder.

Born 2016.12.12 - Ealdgyth x Gammit
5 babies
One baby from this litter will be retained as a breeder.

Born 2016.12.25 - Marshmallow x Homer
4 babies, genders unknown
As it stands right now, all 4 babies will be available for adoption.

Born 2016.12.26 - Roly Poly Pudin' Pie x Talha
3 babies, genders unknown
As it stands right now, all 3 babies will be available for adoption.

Expected Due Dates

Overdue - Aeryn Sun x Little Yoda
May not be pregnant

Due 2017.01.07 - Darling x Inkus

Due 2016.01.16 - Midnight x Bandit
(Litter is already adopted)

Due 2016.01.18 - Aurora x Amos

Due 2016.01.18 - Imarti x Felix

Due 2016.01.18 - White Sage x Angelo

Due 2016.01.31 - Betty x Oliver Opie

Due 2016.01.31 - Pebbles x Zander Blackfoot

Currently Breeding

2017.01.03 - Inara x Cardamom

2017.01.03 - Naamah x Gablo

Breeding Schedule The breeding schedule for 2017 has not yet been determined.

Miscellaneous links

    International Hedgehog Association
  • International Hedgehog Registry
  • Hedgehog Approved
  • USDA #88-A-0025
  • Feathers and Spikes, Online Retailer, Las Vegas, NV